Float is making healthcare safer, easier, and more efficient by moving all visits that don’t need a hospital to the home

Float brings the best of the hospital to the home. Our on-demand pool of the most-expert and technically-skilled nurses expands access to the medicines that keep people happy and healthy.

Why we started Float?

After becoming an ER nurse, Ryan (co-founder and CEO) could give his dad the specialty meds he needed at-home. Suddenly, his dad didn’t have to worry about getting the treatments that kept him out of the hosptital, while Ryan was able to use his skills and expertise in a way that was much simpler than picking up an extra shift.

Christy (co-founder and COO) saw the scope of the problem was huge. Her experience building her own companies convinced her there was a massive opportunity to improve not only the care of patients in need, but also the provide nurses with a new, meaningful way to work that would bring massive improvements to healthcare at-large.

Float was created to unlock the most talented nurses and connect them to the people that needed them most - those that need to be able to get the medicines that treat the root cause of their chronic conditions